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Ask Aggie - The Advice Diva

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Confused about Love? Sex? Relationships? Ask Aggie.

Photo of Aggie

As you enter into Aggie's space, you are invited to fill out a question ballot and drop it into the box onstage. Seductive and brutally candid, Aggie draws from her box and answers your burning questions.

Advice-giving song parodies and stories spice up this outrageous interactive show, where no topic is off-limits!

Aggie blends improvisation, clown, bouffon, musical theater, and monologues to create a show unlike anything you've ever seen.

Mature themes & language.


"It is a smart actor who recognizes the hilarity an audience can bring with them when properly primed. Aggie is consistently funny, suitably ribald... This is a funny enough dose of reality to make you reconcile yourself to being a 'fallible meatbag'" - 4 STARS CBC Manitoba

"A whirlwind one-woman performance... Lesiak's physical malleability and quick wit are highlighted as she expertly combines sex and relationship advice... hilariously candid and refreshingly honest... Ask Aggie - The Advice Diva is a show unlike anything you've ever seen before" - Ottawa Fully Fringed (Apt 613)

"daring... performed excellently" - Ottawa Tonite

"Hilariously harsh honesty as Aggie the Advice Diva gives you the answers you need, but maybe not ready for... Ask Aggie will be a night you'll be thinking about long after it's finished." - Production Ottawa

"Witty, insightful, and pretty damn funny... inarguably charming, beautiful and enigmatic, she seductively consoles you at the same time as she's crushing your dreams, and even leaves you with what sounds to me like honest-to-God good advice from time to time." - The Visitorium

Poster art: Ask Aggie  - The Advice Diva





Written by
Christine Lesiak

Directed by
Jan Henderson

Performed by
Christine Lesiak

Dramaturged by
Jan Henderson

Movement consultant
Jake Hastey

Additional lyrics by
Marissa Kochanski

Original composition by
Dave Clarke

Photography by
Marc-Julien Objois

Poster art by
Lee Nielson

50 minutes

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